Friday, July 30, 2004 

Sports: I'm lovin it!

I have a membership to a yahoo group that specializes in sport gear picture....lame yes, but guys are hot, and guys in sports gear are hotter, and guy in no gear.....well you get the idea. These are a few that I thought were note worthy and needed some attention. Hope everyone likes.

We've had tons of rain the last two days and a hella storm two nights ago, so hella that it blew out our receiver, the audio receiver, so it was smoking and on fire and shit. So we pulled the plug and went out to buy a new one. $500, two DVD's, and a protection plan later, we arrived home with a new toy, we spent the next 3 hours figuring it all out, but everything is working just fine. I still have to go through the set up, but I can't be bothered right now.

The diet is fine; haven’t really had any road bumps so far. Subway has been the lunch of choice lately, we need to go shopping for groceries, and I think I'm gonna take up a sport, even though masturbation is the only thing I can stick too, no pun intended.


I Love Celebs...

I'm a celeb. junkie and am always looking for some dirt, that helps me relate/love/hate. Apparently some have an attitude and thank god, others are willing to serve up all the dirt I could ever wish for...feel the love!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2004 

Motivations and Lack of Them..

Mario Ortiz is the love of my life right now. He's sort of a motivation device for me. I have printed just about every picture of him I can find and have posted them all around this room so as to remind me why I am on this diet; so that I can get a man like him. Joking, but seriously, I love Bobby very much and don't see myself with anyone else for awhile if ever, but if Mario where here right now, I would just about die. I have a crush I guess, and yes it's totally physical, and totally hot. He's looking at me right now.

And I can hear it now "you have a man that loves you." Yeah I do, so what? He's no Mario and I'm no Michael Phelps either.
Michael is Bobby's latest obsession; I guess you could say that he is Bobby's Mario for the time being. I mean hell, that's all he talks about, and during the swimming tryouts a few weeks back, we he was glued to the TV. But hey he's hot. So we are both lusting after others, while still sleeping in the same bed. It's normal don't you think. I'm all about
him too. I can't deny it at all. I'm just very horny I suppose. VERY! So watch the Olympics and also watch some hot Latin porn and see both of our hotties in action. You won't be disappointed.
On another note I'm going to Chicago for a week on the 6th of August, anyone want to meet for dinner? Would be nice to meet a few people while I'm away. Also school has only one more week, and then I have 3 weeks before my final semester in the fall and then I'm out; if I find an internship that is. Not that I've been looking very hard though. I'm not motivated at all in this regard. I just have to find something and I don’t care what it is, but I have to get on the ball or else it will be too late. But what's after that? I have no clue what I'm going to do with this degree. I have no idea what I want to do, or will be doing. I like so many things, but I don’t really shine at any of them, I'm mediocre at best. I just want to be a house wife. I can run a household, and that's about it. I'll be a kept woman, with 2.3 dogs, a Mercedes, and a pink tennis outfit, doing the shopping while never removing my cell phone, and go to the spa and shop at Louis each and everyday and make a pit stop for botox now and then. That would make me happy and hey I'm good at all that stuff!!

Monday, July 26, 2004 


I want to have random sex with his leg and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Sunday, July 25, 2004 


I wanna live in a place where things like this happen on an everyday basis. Things are quite tame here in Texas, at least from what I've observed. I'm sure that lotsa hot stuff takes place, but it's not talked about at all. I love San Francisco. I was actually there for Folsom Street Fair 2003, although I did not participate, I did observe a few hot leather daddies in the mix. I'm just tired of being "plain" in my outings. I wanna meet a whole buncha gay friends and just have fun. But my real problem lies in the fact that I'm shy, and I don't know what too do. I'm just tired and "over" everything.

I'm having a hard time with the Presidential race as things are now. I've always been in the middle on issues and never really had an opinion on things, it's just the way I was raised, to let everyone have their way at my expense. In political science we were taught that most children will lean toward their parents political party of choice, and if your parents are split favoring both parties, (i.e. dad=republican, mom=democrat or vice versa) that the said child we follow it's mother's political party, all things constant. So....I tried explaining this to my boss a few weeks back. I told her that right now I don't have a party, I'm in the middle, but when I was younger (10-15) I saw only the democratic side as "the correct side." She said, "yeah you are weak, and a follower." She's republican all the way and also a lesbian. But I don't think I'm weak, I was just reflecting what had been taught to me and what was the only thing I knew. Now that I've grown up abit, I still tend to lean toward my mother's party, it's natural (or so it's said). I just want to know both sides before making a decision. I have till November, and I'm not really pleased with either side at this point.


Sunday "fat" Update #2

Sunday "fat" Update. Not bad at all, so once again send all your lovin my way!

Friday, July 23, 2004 

I'm no perfect person.

Sometimes I'm afraid of religion and am unsure as to what I should believe. I sorta look to others to give me ideas, so that I can copy them, and their beliefs. I hate this about myself. Religion still scares me.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004 

New Layout?

New Layout?? It's just a pathetic attempt to try something new. Not sure how or if I can create a template of my own for blogger, but that will be much later on. Let me know what you think.

Sorry I haven’t really updated lately. Really everything is fine; I'm doing well on the diet, I'm walking everyday on the treadmill (2 miles), and school is almost over. Bobby flew out to Chicago this morning, and I'm all alone; anyone want to come over?

Sunday, July 18, 2004 

Sunday "fat" Update #1

Sunday "fat" Update. Not too bad for one week!! Please send you support and ass kissing my way, thanks.

Friday, July 16, 2004 

Users Guide

I am working out, as you could expect since my revelations to start a new healthy life, and have found that I love my gym. It has really great equipment and even better amenities, but it also has really great men, and a locker-room full of penis. I mean some fine fine, men are there. I know that most of the guys are straight, and yeah I know that they don't want to feel like a gay guy is watching them in the locker-room. I'm not though; I just glance in their direction and go about my business. I'm not staring and I'm not hitting on them, so all should be good. At least that's my feeling. Am I wrong?

I also see that about 100 people have taken my fat quiz, which makes me very happy, so now many of you know the dirty truth about my weight. That's a big step for me to admit, no one knows that info and now a "few" know my secret. I expect it to grow, and that's fine. Hopefully it will keep me on track. I’ll be sure to start a weekly update, on Sunday.

Old Blog Header I once used/created.

Today was boring at most. I went to class, paid bills, hit the gym, and then Kroger, and now I'm finally home and decided to catch up on my reading. I seem to really be fascinated with people's lives alot lately and like getting to know the personality of a person through their blog. At much as you can, I suppose. I started my first journal, back in '97, the ideas and technology of blogging were not so common and I remember really creating pages and spending days perfecting HTML so that things looked the way I wanted. When in reality, what I usually did was steal HTML from web sites I liked and then customize it to fit my design and needs. I still do that. I want to get a new design going here, just don’t have the time or the patience right now. Not even sure how easily I can do that on Blogger, seems most of the really design savvy blogs are on Movable Type. Not that confident yet. Maybe one day.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004 


I've started back, on a diet. It is just time, to get things in order. I've been putting this off for months and have ballooned as a result. I really don't like talking about my weight, but I've been over weight most of my life. It all stems back to snack time at grandma's house. She made pizza everyday after school, so I would chow down on that, and then go home with my mom and have dinner, and not really think about it. I would eat a whole small pizza at 3pm and then go home and eat a full meal at around 6pm. Needless to say I got fat really quick, and I didn't go to a regular school were he had P.E. or sports of any kind. We stayed in all day and did school work and then went home. I never played sports at all, and soon I just got lazy and stopped doing any activities. So fast forward to High School. I was finally in a regular public school, were you play sports and stuff. I played football one year, and lost about 45lbs. So I stopped, because I thought I had lost enough, and went back to no activity and just eat eat eat. I gained it all back and then some. Senior year I lost 30lbs, and soon again was back to eating crap and doing nothing.

I want to blame all of this on my Grandmother feeding me pizza at age 7, but really the only person I can blame is myself. I have to gain control of this problem and make a long term change and commitment to myself. I'm 23 and I have to look out for my future. I started on Sunday and things are going smoothly as of yet. Wish me luck!

Take My Fat Quiz and Test Your Knowledge!


World Lit. Part Two

Category 2: Relations

So this is to continue my post from a few nights ago regarding my Lit. class, and that would not be complete without the list/well one girl in the class I really find attractive and would have sweet lovin with, if I was into girls. She's this total stoner that wears Chanel suits to class, well I know 3 times now. The first one was day one, twas classic pink w/ black piping and the large floppy hat to match. She was fabulous really. The second was a powder blue, w/ matching hat a veil. At first I thought it was a total joke, but the second outfit made it clear she was making a statement. The last one was the black and white pants suit, and yes the hat to match and this time with Gucci sun glasses, so she's my hero. Oh yeah, the stoner part. She sat next to me the second day and that wonderful lingering smell on pot ooooozed from her being. It was hot, and she is hot.

Category 3: Movie star look alike

He's tall black and handsome, and his name is Denzel. Well it's Curtis but it might as well be Mr. Washington. I've had a total thing for ethnic boys lately, Hispanic, Black, well anything with a cock will do. This young mane is flawless and bald and glistenin, just like the brother I need.

Category 4: The tricks

There are no tricks, I'm not a HO!

Okay I'm very much over that list, it's been two weeks since class really started and I just can't remember all the things I wanted to talk about regarding this class. So I'll just not comment on them at all.

Monday, July 12, 2004 

World Lit. Part One

I have quite a lot to talk about, but I will never get to it all. Summer II started last Monday, and was the total let down that I always knew it would be, because, you see, I’m taking my last English class. After 5 year in college and 12 years in primary education, I’m finished with English in general. I know what you are saying, “he still needs it, with that grammar.” But I could care less what you think. (really deep down, that’s all I care about) N E Whoo, so it’s world lit., and the teacher seems capable, just slightly boring, but it should be a good show. One wonderful fringe benefit of the class is the fact that since world lit. is a survey course and everyone must take it or some form of it, you have an interesting mix of individuals and the like in said class each day. After many years in the SMHM program, you soon see all the same people day in and day out, but this class (world lit.) has a whole new face for me too exploit and lust over. There are also a few SMHM peeps in there too, that keeps things mediocre at most! So with out a further shame I give you a little list, so loving called

The Guys/Girls I Would/Have/Will Fuck N World Lit. 2220
the names below might have, could have, but probably have not been altered, and yes I know people’s names, we have a daily role, DUH!!

Category 1: Gorgeous Men

The first in this group of 4 hotties is

William- who is deaf and has a young lady, much like a stenographer, who transcribes the class lecture for him on a small laptop. He's beautiful in every sense of the word; his body is very tone and tan, he stands about 5'11, brown hair, 170lbs. and has wonderful dark eyes. He sits on the front row and I've collected all of this information while stalking observing from the last row. He's also very quiet, strange!
Matthew- he's an odd one to figure out, and he caught my eye the very first day. He's tall and slender (swimmer??) and looked quite punk/prep. from what I could tell from only one encounter. Soon I noticed he had a very strong receding hair line, once he removed his hat; but it's less fuss in the mornings, right? His body it quite tone and he wears very tight shirts and seemingly shaves his entire body, or at least what I've seen (legs, arms, and that's all), and he's quite tan. One thing his last name rhymes with far, and if you look up you'll see one in the sky at night, also if you look at our role sheet you'll see one there too; he draws it rather than spelling it out. Moving on.


Alexander- to me he's the only one that has a gay tendency. I would hope to see his on the box at the village, between 10-2 shaking his money maker, and then later at a creepy after party. He's quite cute, in a frail/rugged way. Very thin and also very tan, and looks 20 but is probably 26ish. Blonde, green, 5'10, and 155lbs. Twinky, I guess would be the word. That's all about him, he reads that news paper, full blown open pages while the prof. is lecturing, I love a rebel


Morgan C.- well we have the same name, and it's hard for me too find many guys named Morgan, most are girls. From behind, he looks not so pretty, kinda like Cletus, on the Simpson’s, but as soon as you see his face, it's like heaven. I have not really noticed the body, because his face is that good and he wears frumpy clothes, it's not like I haven’t tried people. I know he's an English major, so he answers almost every question in class. I'm ok with that.

I have not fucked anyone on this list, but I would in a second. Will be continued....
Coming Up: the stoner in a Chanel dress, the movie star look like, and the one girl I might want to have sex with. See you next time, same queer time, same faggoty blog. Later haters!!!

Thursday, July 08, 2004 


1: Yummy Hot Muscle Stud
2: Bobby
3: Nicole and Monica.

So the 4th at the lake was fun, yet forgettable. We almost did not find a spot because we arrived quite late, because of reason's I don't want to go into. However, this old couple left their perfectly excellent spot right on the water and we pounced like the bitches at Sam Moon. So we ate hot dogs and had cupcakes and cocktails and all was well with the world. Bobby and the girls swam, but I had other plans. I lounged on the grassy knoll with Colleen and we snapped hundred of pictures of the luxurious boys, see above. One problem; my camera sucks hardcore and none turned out. That hot muscle boy in the pic, had a gorgeous body and beautiful, dark, glistening Latin skin, but his face actually left alot to be desired. He's a double bagger. So that's really it. Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday.


P.S. : I hate you all, not one person out of the 3 that visited my blog/site/crap left me a comment about their 4th plans, maybe that’s because all three of the above mentioned visitors were me. BLAH!!

Sunday, July 04, 2004 

Happy 4th Playas

Seattle July 4th, 2002

Well, nothing has really happened as of late. Summer I, is over and grades will be avail. on Tues., also Summer II starts ASAP. Finals were the worst, life has been a drag and Spider Man 2 was just okay. So tomorrow we are going to the lake for the day, too enjoy our 4th, I'm curious as to what you are doing?? Please feel free to leave a comment with your July 4th plans; I would love to hear all about them! Someone has to make things interesting around here. I'll post more later after school starts back up again.


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