Wednesday, June 08, 2005 

I'm a hater

I'm afraid of black men. Not in a bad way just I’m scared of them. They intimidate me. At first I thought it was more like most guys make me uncomfortable and I accredit that to the idea that I'm attracted too most of them. Now girls, I got that handled. But men in general, I'm not close friends with, never have been. But back to black men, in 8th grade on the day I started public school (Christian school for 8 years, all white and oh yeah white), a large group of black guys came over and made me the butt of their joke at the time. I don't remember the specifics of it all, but I remember joke was on me. They hit me in the head or something...hahaha fucking ha. But since then I've always been timid around black guys and large groups of them, well I need a relaxant.

Now I would honestly love to have sex with a black guy, because I think they are hot, just like any other guy. They've got big muscular asses, big 'ol mouths, and well hot usually big dicks. Right? The reason I bring this up is we have a supervisor at work that's black and he's one of those black guys that makes me uncomfortable. I can't help it, I feel like he's always making fun of me (like back then), anyway he wants to hook up with this new girl who I'm sorta tight with and we went drinking tonight and she said "I will never date a black guy." I think she honestly sees something wrong with a white girl and a black guy together. She's mentioned it about this area and the place we work. I told her it's hard enough to find someone you love or get along with, so why does she care. She didn't really respond, anyway that's what I'm thinking about.

Recap: Black men are hot but scary, and girls are not!

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