Thursday, March 08, 2007 

So yeah..

So I'm in North Carolina, in a hotel room right next to the loudest group of people I have ever heard outside of a Maverick's Game. I mean really...maybe they are watching basketball or something. Anyway, something weird happened the other night...I was alone in my room, freshly showered, lounging in my underwear, when suddenly I heard a knock on my door. I thought maybe my TV was too loud and someone from the front desk came by to let me I put on my pants and looked out the peep hole. A nice looking man was standing there and I guess he could see me through the peep hole cause he waved. I opened the door and he swiftly came into my room. Well a rush came over me....oh my god this guy is going to kill me or rob was right out of a made for TV movie. He said "hey man what's up?" I said "who are u?" He said, "am I in the wrong room, I was supposed to meet someone in 129?" I said, "yeah I think this is the wrong room." He quickly exited and said it was a mistake and he was sorry. So I think it was a total hook up thing...he was chatting some guy up on the net and they told him to come over to this hotel and get it was just the way he came right in and was "meeting someone." Am I wrong? He was hot and I should have made a move, but I was really thrown off.

Monday, March 05, 2007 

Short and easy

I made it back from PA, and got to see alot of snow for the first time. I've seen snow before but this was a huge amount. I leave again in a few days and won't be back for a week and then do it all over again the next week. I'm at home watching the new Blade movie with Ryan Reynolds. Wait, he's got his shirt off......okay I'm back. We've been working like crazy on the house when we've been home. 3 weeks left till the company shows up and I'm not really looking forward to it at all. I'll most likely be working that entire week anyway so I'm won't have anything to worry about. I'm working tons, the house is a mess, and I love Ryan.....That's the short of it.

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