Tuesday, March 15, 2005 

Weird Stuff

Funny things lately. I'm sorta in an odd place and working these strange hours has thrown off my internal clock. I could sleep for days and still not feel rested. The days and weeks FLY by and still nothing to show for anything. Good Times. Today was Pizza Monday. I order pizza just about every Monday, or at least I have for about 2 months. The cute pizza guy calls me by name every time he comes to the door, not sure if he likes me or just the tips I give him. He's nice and cute so that will get you a big tip.

I've been thinking about some stuff from the past lately. My parents, my family, my friends. I feel like I need to get things out sometimes, and then I forget what exactly I wanted to write about. I really think about stuff alot and then when I actually sit down to write, nothing comes to mind. I just go blank.

I need some music for the iPod. I need some of the hard thumping dance stuff to keep me grooving on the treadmill, or else I get board. I mostly like the remixes of the popular stuff on the radio but I'm open to anything. If you have any suggestions on play lists feel free to drop me a note and let me know. I would appreciate it, and can even maybe help you out one day, somehow.

I have a birthday coming up on the 20th. FUN FUN. Big 'ol 24. I feel like 84. Maybe M@ will make me one of his famous Happy Birthday headers, but probably not :O). That's all I can think of right now.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005 

Listy Bit

  1. I've been cleaning out my closet.
  2. I'm 1/4 done.
  3. I hate work, well the job mostly.
  4. I'm giving my notice soon.
  5. I have no idea what I'm gonna do next.
  6. I finally got my Diploma in the mail.
  7. It's SOO not that impressive.
  8. I did my taxes almost a month ago.
  9. I got $XXXX back (both Bobby and I)
  10. We bought two iPod mini's, one 1st gen. and one 2nd gen.
  11. Both silver.
  12. I'm already planning for next years taxes.
  13. We are buying a house in one year.
  14. Not sure where?
  15. I buzzed my hair off.
  16. American Idol is sooo bad this year.
  17. I have gas.
  18. In Ebay we trust.
  19. I'm glad Jay won.
  20. Boy's are hot.

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