Wednesday, April 27, 2005 

Hold the crazy

Crazy Lady: "I would like a chicken bacon ranch combo please."
Fast Food Lady: "Sure, it that all?"
CL: "Does that have chicken on it?"
FFL: "haha yeah."
CL: "Can I get that without chicken?"
FFL: "UH Yeah"
CL: "Also no bacon or ranch, and that's all."
FFL: "Next in line."

Me: "I would like the same thing, but hold the crazy."
FFL: "I heard that, your # is 233, have a great day!"

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 


I fell like I've left the wrong impression with a neighbor. It goes like this: he's possibly the uni-bomber's long lost twin, he's older and that way just be because of his poor grooming, but yeah, he drive a small little car much like mine but only in gold. Anyway I think he goes to school later in the day and drink coffee. Focus, he gets home around the same time I do at night, after school I assume. Anyway one night we got home at the same time, well he was a few minutes ahead of me I guess and I pulled in next to him not knowing he was still in his car. Much like me he stays in his car a few minutes to finish listening to the radio or just to think abit. Needless to say I did the same and I was hardcore picking my nose sitting in my car, I mean diggin. Suddenly I hear him get out of his car and he's staring at me mid-nose picking. I felt horrible and have tried to avoid him at all costs. Yesterday I ran into him leaving and I was coming home after a late night burger run, okay not a big deal and then today I again returned from a burger run and he was sitting in his car, I glanced over and he was fake picking his nose. I felt tiny. So he knows I pick my nose, and eat alot of burgers, but now he mocks me openly. Asshole, but he's not completely wrong.

Another neighbor was dragging a huge lounge chair out of his apartment, down to the creek to sun abit. Shirt half off and short shorts and he's hot. I should have paid that premium to over-look the creek. Damn.

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