Wednesday, September 29, 2004 

NyQuil and Fried Chicken...

That's what I had for dinner tonight. The chicken was a weakness and the NyQuil was very much needed. If my speech typing starts to slur just know that it is completely normal in my condition. A sinus infection has made a home in my head and is staying for the winter. It seems I always get one when I don't really have the time to deal with it. School is so busy and work is roughly 35hours a week and I don't have time for the doctor, so I have to wait till it goes away.

I got a call yesterday from a high school friend; April. We haven't spoken much since graduation, but yesterday she called. Well she called several times in the past months and I just didn't feel like talking. We don't really have anything in common anymore and have grown apart. She is married and has a 4 year old little girl. FOUR, I could not believe it. People have tonally changed. Anyway she called after my meetings yesterday and left a message...I listened to it and called her right back. She told me one of our friend's younger brother had been in a boat accident and died, and they had not found his body yet. That "was horrible" I said, and then we talked about various other things. Her baby, her husband, her family and how she "doesn't talk to anyone anymore." Then I heard her little girl in the back ground and it was cute...she (girl) asked April who she was talking too...April said "mommy's best friend from high school." I didn't know I was her best friend. I mean we were close and did lots of stuff together but, I would consider her a very good friend, not best friend. We were good just made me think about change. I'm glad I got to talk to her even if it was on bad news that we talked. We did talk like old friends picking up where we left off, I'm sure I'll talk to her again soon.

My mom called me thins morning and said they had found the body; he had flipped the boat and bumped his head and got tangled and drowned...she said she would send flowers and food over from the both of us, and I need to call Tami (the sister and my friend) and let her know how sorry I am...but I'm not sure how or what to say.

My diet has taken a back seat this week... I am worn out and have not really cared what I've been eating. The last weigh in was 292lbs. and that was the same this I'm not moving backwards yet. It seems I had more to say but am at a loss for words right now.

Monday, September 27, 2004 

Baseball is cool...

but football is better...

although wrestling ain't bad either...think about that for a few, and please, let me know your thoughts....and I'll get back to ya.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 

Google "Job Phobias"

You just might find me under that topic. This was the opening to a lovely conversation I had with a young man over IM. Just wanted to share, cause I think it's neat.

"I was surfing the net about job phobias on google and ran into your journal. I was just courious what characteristics you have related to this job phobia because I also have it (one of my many anxieties)."
I have tons of phobias, phobia of new shoes, a phobia of wasps, even a phobia of driving with people in my car. Not sure if any of these are legitimate phobias and have a scientific name, but to me they are real.

Sunday, September 12, 2004 

A Quick List

  1. School Blows.
  2. Two days working so far, more later.
  3. I'm a bad friend.
  4. Bobby is home.
  5. I bought a suit.
  6. One New tire.
  7. And porn.
  8. There's a dead turtle between here and school.
  9. Went home to see mom, fun.
  10. Diet still strong, 294.2 today.
  11. I haven't read a journal in weeks.
  12. Cellular was a GOOD movie.
  13. I'm a horrible friend.
  14. My 80 gig hard drive is full.
  15. Of Porn.
  16. I have homework.
  17. I'm sleeping in tomorrow.
  18. My back is out.
  19. So am I apparently.
  20. Lists blow.

Thursday, September 02, 2004 

I suddenly like baseball, no clue why!?!


A Compliment

That's what I got today, well tongiht, and it wasn't really a compliment more like a comment. A friend asked if I had lost weight. "Ummm yeah," I said, "took ya long enough." She was funny about the whole thing. I don't like people to know that I'm on a diet/workingout. It sets me up for failure. I feel pressure from then on, they are usually uncomfortable and want to temp me to eat bad with them, or go out to eat more often or... I'm sure it's just a head game I play with myself, but that's how it ends up for me. SO, generally I keep things quiet, I work better that way. She asked and I told her, it's better when they notice.

I'm slated to go over at 2:30 to fill out the new hire paper work, which I have actually only done once. Working for yourself, you don't have paper work, or tax forms to fill out up front; those come later along with a bill from the IRS. That was the one problem with being a free-lance design person, the taxes always killed me. This new job doesn't pay nearly as much as what I made before, but the new job allows me to graduate in December which at this point is the only option on my mind.

School sucks overall. Classes are long and lotsa work is on the horizon, but it will soon be over.

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