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Thursday, September 02, 2004 

A Compliment

That's what I got today, well tongiht, and it wasn't really a compliment more like a comment. A friend asked if I had lost weight. "Ummm yeah," I said, "took ya long enough." She was funny about the whole thing. I don't like people to know that I'm on a diet/workingout. It sets me up for failure. I feel pressure from then on, they are usually uncomfortable and want to temp me to eat bad with them, or go out to eat more often or... I'm sure it's just a head game I play with myself, but that's how it ends up for me. SO, generally I keep things quiet, I work better that way. She asked and I told her, it's better when they notice.

I'm slated to go over at 2:30 to fill out the new hire paper work, which I have actually only done once. Working for yourself, you don't have paper work, or tax forms to fill out up front; those come later along with a bill from the IRS. That was the one problem with being a free-lance design person, the taxes always killed me. This new job doesn't pay nearly as much as what I made before, but the new job allows me to graduate in December which at this point is the only option on my mind.

School sucks overall. Classes are long and lotsa work is on the horizon, but it will soon be over.

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