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Tuesday, August 17, 2004 


I'm back from Chicago, and have not really had a chance to post since then, but I will soon, even now I'm trying to find a job, one that's easy and fool proof and all around thinkless, I'm leaning toward Subway. I have to find an internship in the industry and right now this seems like a good option. What about Hilton and Marriot? You ask. Well yeah that seems like a better decsion with more growth, but that's what I'm afraid of. I have a new job phobia and I don't know how to get over it. I'm scared of new things and people and everything. What's wrong with me? Any ideas for a internship out there? Just has to been in the Hospitality/Service industry and flexible with hours. I only have to average 15 hours a week but will work 40+, I've done that most of college and will do it again afterwards. Regardless of my fears, I'm a hard worker, and learn quickly, and take pride in my work. So think of this as an invitation/begging plea for some help or advice or a lead.


Well, if you go into a company and sleep with the boss right off, then you can pretty much relax because nothing else you do will be as bad as that.

How about an internship with a catering company?

Wish I knew the answer.

Hang in there though, I'm sure things might become clearer for you. Don't be to scared of change, sometimes it's the best thing we could ever do. And we wouldn't get very far without it.

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