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Thursday, August 05, 2004 

Please leave a message at the beep...

Ok, so I'll be gone from Aug. 6th until Aug. 13th, I'm going to Chicago for the first time and am looking forward to it. It's Market Days, so my weekend is already booked, and next week Bobby is working and I'll be left in the city by myself, so not sure what I'll be doing during the day at least. I'll be going here most likely, I'm a fan of the strip club. We'll also most likey visit a leather bar or two, since I seem to be quite into that, and that's all so far. If anyone is in the area, maybe we can have dinner, I've put that out once before but no real takers. Lotsa stuff has been going on but I don't have time to write it all now...so maybe I'll get a chance on the trip. I'm gonna try out the audio blog posting thingy, so stay tuned.

I love everyone and at least think of me while I'm away. Kisses.


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