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Wednesday, August 04, 2004 


Seems the Kabbalah water might be backing up on Madonna.

Oh yeah and yesterday was the two month birthday of this blog. It's going through the terrible two's; so to speak.

Is Madonna’s marriage on the borderline?
Plus: Tom Cruise hopes to get married again

Yui Mok / AP file
Buzz about Madonna's supposed marital problems is heating up.
By Jeannette Walls
Updated: 2:35 a.m. ET Aug. 3, 2004Is Madonna’s marriage on the rocks?

Buzz about supposed marital discord between the Material Girl and her filmmaking hubby has been heating up, and now comes a report that Guy Ritchie threatened to punch out Madonna’s rabbi.

After one of Madonna’s Kabbalah advisors kept giving her advice backstage, Ritchie grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and declared that he was going to “break your face,” according to the London Sun. Madonna responded by pulling off her hubby and screaming at him not to “embarrass” her, and then they went off.

Madonna’s rep didn’t respond to The Scoop’s requests for comment by deadline.

Madonna and Ritchie have long had a tempestuous relationship, though it seemed to have settled down lately when they both became interested in Kabbalah. Ritchie, says a couple who knows them, was initially skeptical of the controversial religion, but eventually became more deeply involved than his wife. Tension has resurfaced while Madonna has toured, according to insiders, because Ritchie’s been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of some of Madonna’s fans.

“Madonna was clearly bummed out at one concert,” says a source. “She was in such a foul mood, she didn’t want to go out and perform. But then the crowd was great, and that got her all charged up. She draws a lot of energy from the crowd’s love. I guess that’s part of the problem.”


Madonna did look kinda out of it at the concert we went to as well. She looked drained.

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