Thursday, December 02, 2004 

A Quick List Again

  1. I cut my hair. Well I had it cut.
  2. I have 6 days of actual school left.
  3. My Christmas decorations have been up for a week.
  4. Masturbation is the only fun I've been having.
  5. E-bay is my new best friend.
  6. All of my Christmas shopping is done.
  7. I gotta new jock strap.
  8. I've stopped losing weight... :O( I'm at 280lbs.
  9. I'm tired.
  10. Work sucks soooo bad.
  11. I have a crush, on my boss.
  12. I had a naughty dream about him.
  13. I think he knows.
  14. I got a new cell phone.
  15. I have deleted over half of my porn....only 100 gigs left to sort through.
  16. I had ice on my car this morning.
  17. I'm going away right after graduation.
  18. Sking I think.
  19. More like drinking I think.
  20. I just paid all the bills.

Just a quick thanks to everyone that reads and posts comments. I know I'm slow to respond, but you really make my day everytime I get a reply to a post. As soon as school is over I'll post and respond more often. Thanks again. Now it's bed time.

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