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Monday, February 19, 2007 

When I was a Little Dribbler

On the plane, on the way to Vegas today I had a really random flash back to the days when i was in Little Dribblers. LD was a league of 8ish y/o boys that played basketball...blah blah blah....we had a really good team, in fact we were undefeated for that season. Anyhooo....I had this flashback to one morning before a game we all met at McDonald's for breakfast; parents included. I wanted to sit with the adults, but was forced to sit with the other kids and then being the big eater I am, I finished off my breakfast completely and quickly and the other kids made fun of me....I like food. That's what was going through my head on the plane as I finished my pretzels and soda before the plane lady was two rows behind me. Holla

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