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Monday, October 17, 2005 

Third Crush

These pictures make me quiver. They remind me of the types of guys I grew up with. Chris Evans is already one of my favs, but now I mean dammum. That hat and the jeans and the body, it just reminds me of the country boys. Country boys are hot, I grew up with them and hell I am one, but these make me drool. He looks hot and he looks like he doesn't know it. I can remember one boy in school that looked alot like these pictures. We'll call him "Bobby". He was gorgeous, tall, and pumped, moderately hairy, wore the tightest jeans, and drove a big 'ol kicker truck. Sounds great right? He was, but he had no idea he was hot. He was very shy, quiet, and odd almost. I saw him once in the locker-room looking very much like these pictures. Jeans unbuttoned, trucker cap, barefoot, and tatted in the right places. He was so sweet and innocent, and he liked me. We talked alot and he was scared to go off to college, and not sure what was next. He went off after school and I'm not sure where he is now. I can honestly say he was my third crush (the first was Jordan Knight, and the second was Tom Selleck). "Bobby" just made me smile. I still have a thing for country boys, o Chris Evans will just have to do! Not complaining.

Speaking of country boys, I went home this weekend to see my mom and just visit before I start this new job. It was really nice to see everyone. We went to Wal-mart, which in a small town is like Starbucks. I mean everyone was out, sportin the rocky mountain jeans and feathered bangs. It was hot. It's like a stop in time. Nothin has changed at all. It was so great, seriously. When I do go home all we seem to do is cook, talk , and eat alot. So I'm like 10 pounds heavier and love it. I miss the small town mentality, but I am glad I'm not living there anymore. I've out grown it, but it's still nice to go home. Nothin else has really been going on. My Bobby will be home tonight after going home for a funeral and then he will fly out tomorrow for L.A. So no time will be spent together this week and I start my job and the craziness that goes with that. I'm so content right now. Strange.

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