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Thursday, October 13, 2005 

30 minute DEALS

Rachael Ray is kickin everyone's butt. Who knew she could design shoes? Well not really but her's is probably the cutest of them all. I really like her a lot and wonder where she got her start . I mean she's got a TV Show in the works as well as a new magazine. Watch out Martha this chick is takin over.

Speaking of Martha, her new day-time show is almost un-watchable, and I'm like the biggest supporter ever, but it's just not good and her Apprentice show?!?! YUCK

Rachael has been going through a makeover lately. She's slimmed down. Got her hair did, and updated her wardrobe. She looks hot lately, so it's a matter of time till she takes over the world. I mean her shoes she designed is selling for $2,600. Only one in the pair. She's certainly the most popular. So here's more Rachael!

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