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Wednesday, May 04, 2005 

A Problem

In Short:
I have given my notice at work. Various reasons present themselves, like, no support from management, no respect from other departments, no help doing my job, and lack of resources to do my job efficiently. I run the place and get no credit, for very LITTLE pay. My last day is May 19th. I don't have a new job yet. However they must like me, this is the third time I've been prompted to stay. My boss has offered me a solution. To stay on as a temp. of sorts. I would be able to work at my leisure for other people that may not be able to find someone to cover their shift or for general help. That way I can keep my perks at work (only one costly perk) and thus be at my own devices of whether I choose to work. If I don't work for a lengthy amount of time and thus decide not to work anymore, we will then start the termination process. Does this sound like a good idea? I certainly loathe this place when I DO work, but the people I LOVE. This new deal would be when I feel like it. I get to set my own schedule and thus be more happy. But I've already told everyone that I'm leaving. We are having a party to wish me luck and I feel like I'm letting them all down. *uck the man and such. Any advice, solutions, or insight would really help. Thxs

Well, from my perspective, everything would depend on how long you've been there already, whether you have a likely chance of getting a new job quickly or whether you're in that space where you just need to break loose ... it sounds to me like you have been there a while and not much as changed and your interest in the work is stagnating, in which case maybe you should leave. You should like you were really good at your job, but how easy is it to find a replacement? Maybe while you're looking keep it? Or maybe you do need to just cut ties and enter a new phase of your life. That can be good ... tabula rasa and all that good stuff.

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