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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 


Well things are official now. I got the new hire paperwork today, and that means I'm employed with a real job, that has benefits, 401k, and discounts oh my!! So jump in a celebrate with me and the UT Swim team. Let's go!

I finally saw that movie Garden State and I really think it's overrated. It had some funny parts, but overall it came across contrived, formulated, it tried to hard. I like the guy though and the Star Wars girl, both of them are really likeable, but truly I don't get the appeal. So many people had told me it was the best movie ever, but I don't see it.

Work last night was cool cause I know soon that all the crap will be over and I'll be starting a new phase.

I'm having recurring dreams of tornadoes. Just tornadoes all around me. I'm always okay after it's over, but I experience the whole thing. I'm always in a different place (home, grandma's, mom's) and we (people I can't remember) are in the center of the house waiting for things to pass, and after it's over things are messed up but not destroyed and then here comes the next one. I feel the wind, and the swaying and then it's over. The tornadoes come in waves so each night about 10 occur. It's so weird. This has happened about 20 times over the past 3 months. Then I always make up freezing.

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