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Thursday, October 13, 2005 


I must start out by saying, "I don't watch much TV." I do have a few shows that my friend TIVO records for me. Martha, Will and Grace, The Simpsons, and Nip/Tuck. Nip/Tuck is by far my favorite and the one I can't wait to watch after getting off work on Tuesdays. If you don't watch Nip/Tuck you really should give it a try. I've watched since the beginning and now in the middle of it's third season, it's still a great show. However, recently the plot line has taken a shift to the gloomy side of life. Not one character is having fun this season, and it doesn't look like things are changing much in the future. I think the show has lost it's edge, but compared to other shows on in the same time slot it's still leaps and bounds above the rest. Yet comparative to it's previous seasons, I'm left wanting more. The show showed two sides of life, one responsible and the other careless, and now everyone is depressed. Still, it's great to watch for the sub plots and radical surgery the show is known for. From dead bodies, chopped up and thrown into the swamps, Columbian drug dealers smuggling heroine breast implants, a doggy face lift, trannys, incest, a beauty hating serial slasher, hopped up porn goddess, a family in crisis, and a HOT slutty plastic surgeon, the show has many things for many types of people. Set your TIVO, you know I have. Get the first two season's on DVD and you won't be disappointed. Catch up and see if you can guess who the Carver is?

Nice blog Morgan, as a straight but somewhat bi-curious chick I can appreciate the pictures on your site. :)

I love Nip Tuck, too.
I have a little blog that covers some aspects of it. I'm a plastic surgeon, but for some reason I don't get sick of it on TV.

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