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Friday, July 30, 2004 

Sports: I'm lovin it!

I have a membership to a yahoo group that specializes in sport gear picture....lame yes, but guys are hot, and guys in sports gear are hotter, and guy in no gear.....well you get the idea. These are a few that I thought were note worthy and needed some attention. Hope everyone likes.

We've had tons of rain the last two days and a hella storm two nights ago, so hella that it blew out our receiver, the audio receiver, so it was smoking and on fire and shit. So we pulled the plug and went out to buy a new one. $500, two DVD's, and a protection plan later, we arrived home with a new toy, we spent the next 3 hours figuring it all out, but everything is working just fine. I still have to go through the set up, but I can't be bothered right now.

The diet is fine; haven’t really had any road bumps so far. Subway has been the lunch of choice lately, we need to go shopping for groceries, and I think I'm gonna take up a sport, even though masturbation is the only thing I can stick too, no pun intended.

Ha, stick to- real funny

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