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Wednesday, July 14, 2004 


I've started back, on a diet. It is just time, to get things in order. I've been putting this off for months and have ballooned as a result. I really don't like talking about my weight, but I've been over weight most of my life. It all stems back to snack time at grandma's house. She made pizza everyday after school, so I would chow down on that, and then go home with my mom and have dinner, and not really think about it. I would eat a whole small pizza at 3pm and then go home and eat a full meal at around 6pm. Needless to say I got fat really quick, and I didn't go to a regular school were he had P.E. or sports of any kind. We stayed in all day and did school work and then went home. I never played sports at all, and soon I just got lazy and stopped doing any activities. So fast forward to High School. I was finally in a regular public school, were you play sports and stuff. I played football one year, and lost about 45lbs. So I stopped, because I thought I had lost enough, and went back to no activity and just eat eat eat. I gained it all back and then some. Senior year I lost 30lbs, and soon again was back to eating crap and doing nothing.

I want to blame all of this on my Grandmother feeding me pizza at age 7, but really the only person I can blame is myself. I have to gain control of this problem and make a long term change and commitment to myself. I'm 23 and I have to look out for my future. I started on Sunday and things are going smoothly as of yet. Wish me luck!

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I hear ya bro, more power to ya
I never think about what I put in my mouth and I too (just a year younger than you) need to grow up and start thinking about these things.

I hear ya bro
I just eat whatever without ever thinking about it and I am just a year younger than you (22) and it it time for me to start growing up to and thinking about these things.

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