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Wednesday, June 23, 2004 

Aches and Pains and Surveys, Oh My.........Is that Grey Hair?

This is a fav pic of mine. Kinda reflects the way I felt when I was younger, or at least the way I wish I could have been. I was so sheltered as a child. I attended a Christian school for over eights year and that made me a good person, but it did not really prepare me for the real world. We were not allowed to experience normal things that most kids go through. We had no teasing, which can be good, but once I finally entered public school, I had no idea how to with stand the constant insults or even how to deal later on. I had never ever been victim of that kinda stuff. I was naive, and too nice. I still am most of the time. I'm a push over and try to please everyone. I've gotta change that, at least the push over part, and soon.

So the "tennis" flyer is gone. I went to check on it today and was going to take a snap shot and post it on here just for my archives. It's no more. I hope Josh found the sorta player he was hoping for.

I think I'm having heart problems. Recently, my heart has been racing alot. I can feel the pounding in my chest, but not in my pulse. Maybe I can't pick it up because I can actually feel the speed of it in my chest. It hurts sometime. Irregular heart problems can be found on my mother's side so I guess I'll have to make an appointment with a Dr. to check it all out. Just another sign of getting old. I'm only 23 but sometimes, I just feel antique. We actually talked about that in class last night. My teacher was talking about taking care of your joints. He's 50 and talking about knees injuries. He then asked how many of us had joint problems and stuff. Nearly the entire class raised their hand. I have arthritis in my hands something fierce. It's from the work I used to do. I was a visual design/merchandizing person for about 5 years I guess. Since late '99 up until late 2003, so 4 years. I was more or less an assistant. We did store windows and displays for both retail and wholesale showrooms. I loved it alot, but it is hard on your body, you constantly are working with your hands and up and done on your knees, and being as young as I am I have no regard for my youth I guess. Now I'm paying the price. I have a shitty knee, which has not given me alot of problems lately, and the worst hands ever. I can't hold a pencil for more than ten minutes. Hot it's it? Oh well, I loved the work and will probably go back to that some day.

Bobby also told me I had little wrinkles around my eyes, so botox will make a great Christmas gift. I will probably most like be completely grey by the time I'm 30. My mom was grey by 25 and my grandmother was grey at 30, and my dad was grey around 27 from what I hear. So yeah I don't care about the grey as much as the wrinkles. It just makes you look wiser, right?

I got this survey thing from a guy I was once very much in love with, his name is Mike. So I'll share I suppose. You know these things, you fill them out and send them to everyone and then wait for them to respond with their answers. This is not a very good one, but I don't care.

1. What time is it? 10:55

2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate? MorganBryan

3. Any nicknames? Morgie, Peaches

4. Parents' names? R & L

5. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake? None, but I’m

6. Date that you regularly blow them out? March 20th

7. Pets? none

8. Tattoos? Nope

9. How much do you love your job or jobs? Don't Ask

10. Ever had a car accident? Nope

11. Your fault? See above

12. Favorite vacation spot? San Francisco, Seattle, Any west coast area of the US

13. Ever been to Africa? Nope

14. Ever Stolen anything? Yep

15. Croutons or Bacon bits? Croutons

17. Coffee or juice? Juice

18. Favorite Salad Dressing? Ranch

19. Favorite type of car? Anything that gets good gas mileage

20. Favorite type of movies? Comedy

21. Favorite Holiday? Christmas

22. Favorite Food? Mexican/Chinese

21. Favorite day of the week? Any day I can sleep in.

24. Favorite song? No favorite, I like everything

25. Favorite TV Show? Any of those gay shows on Bravo, and Nip/Tuck

26. Favorite toothpaste? Crest

27. Most recently read book? The Birgman's Guide To Wine, Beer and Spirits.

28. Perfume/Cologne: Boss

29. Favorite scent? My house

30. Favorite Fast Food place? Chipotle, and MacDonald’s.

31. When was your last hospital stay? I stayed there over night with my Grandma, a year ago.

32. How many times did you fail your driver's license exam? 0

33. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? No clue

34. What do you do when you're bored? Survey thingy's

35. Who will respond the fastest? No clue, I would expect no one really.

36. Furthest place you sent this message? To Mike

37. Least likely to respond? see above.

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