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Thursday, June 17, 2004 

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Matthew darling, you're profile is not available, and can I say you made my day. You are my first and only comment to date and I'll give ya a big 'ol kiss on the cheek for that...and when I say kiss I mean lick and when I say cheek, I mean....well you know!!! Hit me back with an e-mail any time. I would <3 to hear from ya! That goes for everyone!

I have not had the energy to post lately due to my lack of sleep and my over studying for the big finance test tonight. I was over prepared really. It took an hour to finish the whole thing and I checked everything like 3 times just to make sure the answers were indeed correct. So blah, it should be an easy grade.

More beer talk: we sampled 6 different import beers yesterday. All were pretty good and all were something I would drink again. I'm not really a big beer fan, but recently I've developed a slight liking to pretty much anything I drink. I'm not picky really, but usually I'll drink the girl beers or something mixed, or you know, I just like diet coke. This class has been good for me, I've found at least two wines I enjoyed to some degree and about 20 beers I can drink in public and not feel ashamed to hold in my hand. All of these were strong European beers, darker, richer, and they all cost quite abit more. The most expensive was about $7-$9 a bottle, but it was well worth it. It was a beer made in a traditional manner, but during the second fermentation the brew masters add raspberries to the brew and this actually creates a fruity wine flavor rather than a hoppie beer. It was the best. In my opinion anyway.

I’ve realized, I have no idea what I will do in December once I graduate. I will have a degree in Hospitality Management (SMHM), and also in Business, and I really am scared about the future job hunt. Shortly after deciding to get into the SMHM program, I discovered that I generally hate people. Also being in this industry will really do me no good; I don’t want to work nights, nor weekends, I would rather not work holidays, I want a job much like the one I had previously. We go in by 10am, have breakfast and chat till 11am, work from 11am-12pm, then lunch from noon till 2pm, coffee and desert till 3pm, work 3pm-4pm and home by 5pm. So as you can see I’m in no way equipped to deal with the hours of the Hospitality Industry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very hard and productive worker, but I don’t think we’ll mesh. I’m really getting the degree in hopes that one day I will go into the freelance design part of the industry; maybe consulting on layout and flow, as well as the financials of it all. One thing is for sure: I bet I’ll have to create my own little groove in the market, and develop a place for myself.

I have the worst head-ache right now. It's starting to decrease in pain abit, but I'm about to pass out for the night. Bobby comes home tomorrow; we have dinner plans this weekend with the girls and then an emergency redecorating at Colleen's apartment. Thanks god it's Thursday, my weekend starts now.

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