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Monday, June 14, 2004 

I Like Country Boys.

I really like country boys. You see, I grew up in the country where cows and horses and gun racks in your truck were common everyday necessities. To outsiders this seems as strange as, well this guy. Just a few examples; we had an area at my high school were you could park a horse trailer, right next to the tennis courts. Everyone had a big truck; well anyone who was anyone had a diesel. The tighter you wore your starched wranglers the better, and the hottest area of town was the parking lot in front of the city courthouse. This is where the “A” list people could be found. Only the best parties, occurred in a pasture, and the drink of choice was beer or trash can punch. I know a lot of people can feel where I’m coming from. I sorta miss the whole idea. Don’t get me wrong, I was in no way apart of the in crowd in high school. I was voted shyest and was in band and drama and on the academic team, and wranglers are cut all wrong in certain areas, but I miss that small town feel sometimes. I was talking to my mom tonight; see calls me at least once a week to fill me in on the town gossip: Who died? Who’s getting married? Who’s getting divorced? Who’s in trouble with the law? The usual, need to know stuff. The reason I bring this up was, today in class we had the fine people from Budweiser come and speak to us on the ins and outs of beer production here in the US. We also had the opportunity to sample five of their fine quality beverages. Okay, the point again was, two on the bud reps. were extremely hot and very much the country boys. Both were in the wrangler jeans, both had on boots and both had the southern draw as they spoke. I have that too, but that’s another entry. They just reminded me of the good ‘ol boys at home in the country, which lead to this big rambling mess. Blah.
So we sampled:

1) Budweiser (original)
2) O’doul’s
3) Michelob Ultra
4) Redhook ESB
5) Bacardi Lemon

All were good and all I would drink again. Just goes to show that I’m not picky. I really like this class; I leave everyday with a mini buzz, I’m getting an education on alcohol, and the TA is hot, so it’s all good.

So I was going to change the profile pic again but due to some reason that will have to wait. I'll just keep the one I have for the time being. Also the goal’s list is coming. I actually have not even started, so add that to the goals of tomorrow.

AAAAHHHHHH to beer in a pasture. Nothing better in life indeed. Wanted to give ya a holla and tell ya I love your site. Keep up the great work !

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