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Friday, June 04, 2004 

Lizzzza's in my class.....

So, yeah...I'm going to start doing this again. I've tried for years to keep this srota thing up and going and just havn't had the time or energy to deliver, but now it's summer, school is slow, and I'm just tired of being the only person without one of these things.
See really the reason I want to do this is tooooo, be pretty much like everyone else. Just like you bitches that have these great journals, (which I read almost daily). I guess it's just envy getting the best of me, but one day I'll be the next big thing. Yeah right!!!
So today was school, and long day of drinking wine and finance. So beverage survey class is a joke, we go, listen to the prof. and sample a little wine and talk about it. All we really need is alittle dark light, a piano, and a Liza (drag queen) and all would be good with the world. Really I got tipsy yesterday, on one ounce of wine, and this ain't no box wine, this was primo stuff from target, but really I swear I was drunk. So tday I drank only two ounces, and was fine. Next finance I love, although I'm lost. The prof. is fun, I'm interested, and I only have to wait 4 hours between the bar (beverage class) and finance so the buzz is very much gone before I get there. Good times. Then I drove home and ate, crap Taco Bell, and now I'm going to bed.

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