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Saturday, June 05, 2004 

No more waiting

I picked Bobby up around 6pm, then we went to eat at Chilis and then we preceded home. He's been in bed and snoring for roughly 1.5 hours and I'm really glad he's home. It's amazing how much I miss him during the weeks while he's not here. However, when he is home, I almost cannot wait for him to leave again. Is that bad? I'm just absolutely accustomed to being alone around the house now. He's been traveling every week for 4 years now and I'm here doing my own thing, going to school, and trying to get out. Don't get me wrong, it's great when he's here, and I love him. So he's home all next week, which is great cause now next week during my breaks between classes (the bar and finance), we can meet up for lunch and just hang out mostly. I'm pretty excited about that; not only do I not have to get up early on Mon. to take him to the airport and also not wonder if he's coming back, we can just relax, and mainly he can relax. That should be fun.

Speaking of going out to lunch we are supposed to get together with Colleen and Nicole tomorrow. I guess we will decide on the day’s events sometime tomorrow. Colleen is finally getting her name taken off her and Jim's accounts and moving on hopefully with things now. That stupid break up was hard for her and still is, so now things should start to be easier as far as getting over the whole idea. I'm glad for her, and I hope she knows that.

I wanted to start scrap booking over my vacation, which never really happened. On e-bay I found alot of scrap booking paper, tools and embellishments and bought them all. I started a small little book about our trip to San Fran., but got bored quite quickly with it. Lately I just cannot focus on one thing for very long. So blah. The whole reason behind the scrap booking was too preserve my grandmothers pictures, and letters, and the such now that she died. See, she had a rather large collection of old family photos, many of which no one left in the family actually recognize. Some of the guys are hot, which makes it kinda dirty since they could be cousins or great uncles...or whatever. So that was the reason to scrapbook, but that has fallen to the side and is not a priority. Now I think I’ll just put the all in archival albums and be done with it all. See grandma was fierce in her day, and I just want to give her the props she deserves, and really the wait is over.

St. Louis 1925 Grandma (sitting) & Her Sister, during their boarding school years.

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