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Wednesday, June 23, 2004 

I Have A Question, Do You Play Tennis?

Play Tennis?
I need a guy to hit around with!
Contact Josh 214-405-****

This is a rather large flyer posted in the mail area of my apartment. Why is this important and what's my question? Well this is the third guy asking for a "tennis" partner, in roughly a month. So is this a new way of hooking up? Because I think "tennis" is code for hot man on man action. I could be wrong, but just the wording seems erotic and makes me feel tingly in my pants. It could be legit, but I have a feeling that it's the new craze to hook up via the bulletin board at your local postal center. I mean, it's just odd that this is the third posting; I have a dirty but curious mind. Tennis anyone?

Speaking of Josh’s, does anyone remember Josh Henderson of the ever so popular and infamous Popstar 2 creation known as Scene 23? Well here’s a reminder.

So yeah, don’t really know why I was thinking of him the other day, oh yeah, he was on an episode of She Spies, the other night. I don’t watch that show, it just so happened to come on after something I was watching and he caught my eye. Soon I remembered where I had seen him. Here he is busting a move on Popstar 2.

He’s fierce, don’t you think? You know, maybe he's the Josh who wants to play tennis here at my apartment; he is from Texas after all! Here's another pic, also here.

So today was not very eventful, I went to school, drank whiskey in beverage survey today. All were not so good; however I did enjoy one, but I can't be bothered with the name right now. Then it was Finance time. So he lectured for 3 hours and then we got our tests returned from last time. I made a 95, so that basically means I don’t have to go to class again till the final. I will go though. I sorta like that class. Then I drove home and ate MacDonald’s and watched everything TiVO was so kind to have recorded in my absence. Well I didn't watch Nip/Tuck just yet. I need to have plenty of time so I can concentrate and enjoy the show. Blow Out is pretty good. I like Brandon alot. He's hot. Also watched Queer Eye, and I don’t know why, but Thom is sooooo hot to me. He makes me wet, I swear. It's odd I know, but I would play "tennis" with him any day!

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