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Wednesday, July 14, 2004 

World Lit. Part Two

Category 2: Relations

So this is to continue my post from a few nights ago regarding my Lit. class, and that would not be complete without the list/well one girl in the class I really find attractive and would have sweet lovin with, if I was into girls. She's this total stoner that wears Chanel suits to class, well I know 3 times now. The first one was day one, twas classic pink w/ black piping and the large floppy hat to match. She was fabulous really. The second was a powder blue, w/ matching hat a veil. At first I thought it was a total joke, but the second outfit made it clear she was making a statement. The last one was the black and white pants suit, and yes the hat to match and this time with Gucci sun glasses, so she's my hero. Oh yeah, the stoner part. She sat next to me the second day and that wonderful lingering smell on pot ooooozed from her being. It was hot, and she is hot.

Category 3: Movie star look alike

He's tall black and handsome, and his name is Denzel. Well it's Curtis but it might as well be Mr. Washington. I've had a total thing for ethnic boys lately, Hispanic, Black, well anything with a cock will do. This young mane is flawless and bald and glistenin, just like the brother I need.

Category 4: The tricks

There are no tricks, I'm not a HO!

Okay I'm very much over that list, it's been two weeks since class really started and I just can't remember all the things I wanted to talk about regarding this class. So I'll just not comment on them at all.

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