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Monday, July 12, 2004 

World Lit. Part One

I have quite a lot to talk about, but I will never get to it all. Summer II started last Monday, and was the total let down that I always knew it would be, because, you see, I’m taking my last English class. After 5 year in college and 12 years in primary education, I’m finished with English in general. I know what you are saying, “he still needs it, with that grammar.” But I could care less what you think. (really deep down, that’s all I care about) N E Whoo, so it’s world lit., and the teacher seems capable, just slightly boring, but it should be a good show. One wonderful fringe benefit of the class is the fact that since world lit. is a survey course and everyone must take it or some form of it, you have an interesting mix of individuals and the like in said class each day. After many years in the SMHM program, you soon see all the same people day in and day out, but this class (world lit.) has a whole new face for me too exploit and lust over. There are also a few SMHM peeps in there too, that keeps things mediocre at most! So with out a further shame I give you a little list, so loving called

The Guys/Girls I Would/Have/Will Fuck N World Lit. 2220
the names below might have, could have, but probably have not been altered, and yes I know people’s names, we have a daily role, DUH!!

Category 1: Gorgeous Men

The first in this group of 4 hotties is

William- who is deaf and has a young lady, much like a stenographer, who transcribes the class lecture for him on a small laptop. He's beautiful in every sense of the word; his body is very tone and tan, he stands about 5'11, brown hair, 170lbs. and has wonderful dark eyes. He sits on the front row and I've collected all of this information while stalking observing from the last row. He's also very quiet, strange!
Matthew- he's an odd one to figure out, and he caught my eye the very first day. He's tall and slender (swimmer??) and looked quite punk/prep. from what I could tell from only one encounter. Soon I noticed he had a very strong receding hair line, once he removed his hat; but it's less fuss in the mornings, right? His body it quite tone and he wears very tight shirts and seemingly shaves his entire body, or at least what I've seen (legs, arms, and that's all), and he's quite tan. One thing his last name rhymes with far, and if you look up you'll see one in the sky at night, also if you look at our role sheet you'll see one there too; he draws it rather than spelling it out. Moving on.


Alexander- to me he's the only one that has a gay tendency. I would hope to see his on the box at the village, between 10-2 shaking his money maker, and then later at a creepy after party. He's quite cute, in a frail/rugged way. Very thin and also very tan, and looks 20 but is probably 26ish. Blonde, green, 5'10, and 155lbs. Twinky, I guess would be the word. That's all about him, he reads that news paper, full blown open pages while the prof. is lecturing, I love a rebel


Morgan C.- well we have the same name, and it's hard for me too find many guys named Morgan, most are girls. From behind, he looks not so pretty, kinda like Cletus, on the Simpson’s, but as soon as you see his face, it's like heaven. I have not really noticed the body, because his face is that good and he wears frumpy clothes, it's not like I haven’t tried people. I know he's an English major, so he answers almost every question in class. I'm ok with that.

I have not fucked anyone on this list, but I would in a second. Will be continued....
Coming Up: the stoner in a Chanel dress, the movie star look like, and the one girl I might want to have sex with. See you next time, same queer time, same faggoty blog. Later haters!!!

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