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Thursday, July 08, 2004 


1: Yummy Hot Muscle Stud
2: Bobby
3: Nicole and Monica.

So the 4th at the lake was fun, yet forgettable. We almost did not find a spot because we arrived quite late, because of reason's I don't want to go into. However, this old couple left their perfectly excellent spot right on the water and we pounced like the bitches at Sam Moon. So we ate hot dogs and had cupcakes and cocktails and all was well with the world. Bobby and the girls swam, but I had other plans. I lounged on the grassy knoll with Colleen and we snapped hundred of pictures of the luxurious boys, see above. One problem; my camera sucks hardcore and none turned out. That hot muscle boy in the pic, had a gorgeous body and beautiful, dark, glistening Latin skin, but his face actually left alot to be desired. He's a double bagger. So that's really it. Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday.


P.S. : I hate you all, not one person out of the 3 that visited my blog/site/crap left me a comment about their 4th plans, maybe that’s because all three of the above mentioned visitors were me. BLAH!!

Good times at the lake
Chilling all day then blowing up shit- no better way to show your love for America

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