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Sunday, July 25, 2004 


I wanna live in a place where things like this happen on an everyday basis. Things are quite tame here in Texas, at least from what I've observed. I'm sure that lotsa hot stuff takes place, but it's not talked about at all. I love San Francisco. I was actually there for Folsom Street Fair 2003, although I did not participate, I did observe a few hot leather daddies in the mix. I'm just tired of being "plain" in my outings. I wanna meet a whole buncha gay friends and just have fun. But my real problem lies in the fact that I'm shy, and I don't know what too do. I'm just tired and "over" everything.

I'm having a hard time with the Presidential race as things are now. I've always been in the middle on issues and never really had an opinion on things, it's just the way I was raised, to let everyone have their way at my expense. In political science we were taught that most children will lean toward their parents political party of choice, and if your parents are split favoring both parties, (i.e. dad=republican, mom=democrat or vice versa) that the said child we follow it's mother's political party, all things constant. So....I tried explaining this to my boss a few weeks back. I told her that right now I don't have a party, I'm in the middle, but when I was younger (10-15) I saw only the democratic side as "the correct side." She said, "yeah you are weak, and a follower." She's republican all the way and also a lesbian. But I don't think I'm weak, I was just reflecting what had been taught to me and what was the only thing I knew. Now that I've grown up abit, I still tend to lean toward my mother's party, it's natural (or so it's said). I just want to know both sides before making a decision. I have till November, and I'm not really pleased with either side at this point.

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