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Friday, July 16, 2004 

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I am working out, as you could expect since my revelations to start a new healthy life, and have found that I love my gym. It has really great equipment and even better amenities, but it also has really great men, and a locker-room full of penis. I mean some fine fine, men are there. I know that most of the guys are straight, and yeah I know that they don't want to feel like a gay guy is watching them in the locker-room. I'm not though; I just glance in their direction and go about my business. I'm not staring and I'm not hitting on them, so all should be good. At least that's my feeling. Am I wrong?

I also see that about 100 people have taken my fat quiz, which makes me very happy, so now many of you know the dirty truth about my weight. That's a big step for me to admit, no one knows that info and now a "few" know my secret. I expect it to grow, and that's fine. Hopefully it will keep me on track. I’ll be sure to start a weekly update, on Sunday.

Old Blog Header I once used/created.

Today was boring at most. I went to class, paid bills, hit the gym, and then Kroger, and now I'm finally home and decided to catch up on my reading. I seem to really be fascinated with people's lives alot lately and like getting to know the personality of a person through their blog. At much as you can, I suppose. I started my first journal, back in '97, the ideas and technology of blogging were not so common and I remember really creating pages and spending days perfecting HTML so that things looked the way I wanted. When in reality, what I usually did was steal HTML from web sites I liked and then customize it to fit my design and needs. I still do that. I want to get a new design going here, just don’t have the time or the patience right now. Not even sure how easily I can do that on Blogger, seems most of the really design savvy blogs are on Movable Type. Not that confident yet. Maybe one day.

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