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Sunday, August 22, 2004 

Confessions Part II

...later that same year, I had been home from camp maybe two weeks, we get a call at the house letting us know that the Christian Academy I was currently attending had decided to close it's doors. Great...that gave us two weeks to enroll in public school. Well I was afraid, I had never been to public school, I was sheltered and naive. So I tested and enrolled as an eighth grader at the local junior high. I tried to look at the bright side of things and decided I would make a complete turn around and try my best to fit in and make new friends. The best way to do this would be to join the football team?!?! Yeah, it worked just as planned...anyway, I had never set foot in a locker-room, we didn't have one at the old school, we didn't have a team of any kind, and we certainly didn't shower at school. I got fitted that same day I enrolled, and was given my first jock strap. That day marked a definite turning point to my sexual explorations. (another confession for a different time) School starts and football practice also get underway. The first day we just suit up and go over the purpose behind of practices and getting to know each other...blah blah blah. This is where I started really looking at guys. They would change in front of me, and that was totally new. I had only seen my uncle naked, that hot naked shower camper, oh and Jason S. in third grade, I saw his huge 18 y/o penis at the urinal once, but that was about the extent of my naked adventures. I spent the next two weeks scoping out the note worthy guys and then spent the remainder of the semester starring at them any chance I got. I was discreet of course, but let me explain, I'm not really flaming in my actions, but as people at home tell me now, everyone knows, they just don't "know" I'm gay. They know but I haven’t told them, I guess?! So I continue...I'm starring for about three weeks, and one day Jay (hottie, blonde, blue) bumps into me as I'm going into the bathroom area in the locker-room and grabs his dick through his pants and tells me to "get on [my] knees and suck his big cock." I blushed and went about my business. I almost did and wanted to, and would have if it wasn't out in the open. I mean he asked for it, and it wasn't playful or joking, he was serious. So either this is common or people suspected even then. I guess word got around because the next week Alex (dumb jock, 10th grader held back two years) came up to me while we were changing and put his dick in my face and said "suck my big cock." As I think back on this whole thing I really should have, but I was too shy. Alex lived in the house behind mine at the time and I could have easily walked over and taken him up on the offer. He was overly developed, everywhere since he was 2 years older than most of us. Then toward the end of the season Wayne (another dumb jock, held back) does the exact same thing to me, and he was hotter to me, because he had knocked up this eighth grade Erica, so I knew his shit was all good and I knew he was having sex which was really a turn on to me at that age, since I wasn't. After the season ended, and semesters changed, I had to drop P.E. because of class conflicts and never got to scope those bodies again. We all graduated together, but were not really friends and rarely spoke. I never did "suck their huge cocks", but I sure wish I would have. Flash forward too Spring 2003...my grandmother was very ill and was in the hospital, so I was making weekly trips home to see her after classes and stuff here. I park and get out of my car and walk up and push the elevator button, and while I'm waiting guess who comes up behind me and is also waiting for the elevator??? Jay...his sister was having/had a baby and he was coming to visit her. We road up to the third floor together, not one word was spoken, until he stepped off and he turned and said "it's good to see you again." I smiled and the doors closed, and I got off on the 5th floor. I saw his dad later on, but not him. So what does that mean..."good to see you again?" Does he still want me to suck his cock, or he knows my not so secret, secret...or he was really glad to see me? No clue. He didn't look as good as I remembered, and I musta grown a foot after graduation, because he was a short little guy, and he was always taller than me. I really do regret not experimenting more, and that was as good a chance as any. More confessions later.

Oh my, That was a visual I enjoyed thinking about.

Oh my, That was a visual I enjoyed thinking about.

Yummy, that was a visual I enjoyed thinking about.

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