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Friday, January 14, 2005 

Dying for Dyson

I have a vacuum fetish, and that's my most recent target. The Dyson DC14. I bought one. I should be shot for spending that much on a vac but it was totally worth it. That bitch sucks the paint off the walls, and I've cleaned the carpet roughly 75 times, and it's still pulling sand out of the carpet fibers. I just about creamed my pants. I'm always fascinated by vacuums and I even had a play toy vacuum when I was little. My mom bought it for me along with the play kitchen, ironing board, and iron; you can't tell me she never had the slightest inclination about my future. I have to give her credit though that same year she also got me a play tool bench with all the little tools and even a saw. She was developing a little cooking, cleaning, and hammering super queen; job well done.

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