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Wednesday, January 12, 2005 

Skin Care

I was reading a post in Billy's blog about grey hair, and it just made me think about all the stress I've been under the past few years with school and work and other crap and how that is taking a toll on my beautiful skin. I need a routine for skin care/repair. I just use a regular face wash, nothing fancy, but it's time to turn up the heat abit. I'm really asking for help I guess. Any good stuff out there that's affordable, or anyone who would love to hook me up with a discount I would greatly appreciate it. I'm not asking for free, I'll pay, but I've learned that friends in retail are your greatest asset. My skin is going through some really rocky terrain recently. I've had the worst dry skin lately, and I mean everywhere; face, stomach, legs, lips, even my ankles. At first I thought it was the weird weather changes around here, up and down from hot to cold. Now I think it's more serious. I need to go to a dermatologist and see what I should do. However I would still like some general advice on products, or just what you use and how it works. Thanks in advance.

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