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Monday, January 10, 2005 

Handsome Hanson

I know it's pathetic but I really think that Zach Hanson is growing up to be quite the looker. Yes I know the hair is really bad and thank god they all decided to cut that mess off or at least get it to a more manageable length. But...he's hot hot hot now. I know he's young, but I do think he's 18 now so it's a lawful obsession. I saw them on Ellen, and that was all it took. I mean they've all grown up quite nicely but my heart lies with the youngster.He's always had the features I guess but the hair being removed really makes the man. the new hair is hot. Yes everyone has that hair cut but not everyone has his grill. His lips are gorgeous, and he still has that little boyish charm to his face. His nose, his skin, his teeth, did I mention the lips? Sweet.

I mean they all look good to me now adays. But mostly he oldest and the youngest are the one who could eat crackers in my bed anytime. They have a new album out and it's pretty good to say the least so maybe the fact that I think they are hot will level out one way or another.

Look at that smirk as he takes that jug of milk out of the fridge. RARRRR I mean I just love him. Do you ever feel that way about a guy you see on TV. I have a long laundry list of young men that I've programmed TiVo's wishlist to record. I mean anything they have even been in. Try it. Ryan Phillippe was on Matlock like twice?? Who knew? TiVo that's who!!
So guess whose been added to the list. I mean they CAN sing somewhat. They play their own instruments. They are young and hot. They have tons of money. They have fame pouring out of every gland. Did I mention they/he can sing? That make it okay....right?

Wow, who would have thought those little boys would turn out to look like that! ;)

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow!

of course he's the hottest :P

Noooossa! Como o seu blog é maneiro! Eu sou brasileira!( i am brazilian) ( Hablas espanhol?)Show de bola!
Veerrry good! OK! Eu tenho que ir tá rolando um pagodão lá em my home!

yes, Zac is hot. They are all pretty cute, I have always liked Taylor but he has a messed up mullet right now I would like to take a weed whacker to. Congrats to him on his new baby girl Penelope!

hanson are the best i love them

zac is fit so is tay

Hanson are the best.im glad they came back :-).Hope they are around for a while

Hanson are the best. they saved my life, suicide would have been my life path if i hadn't of met them. and for this i thank you. taylor isaac and zac are the best thing that happened to the world.

Taylor your as fit as f***
Zac ur rly cute and so r u isaac

Middle of nowhere is sooo their best album! Hanson you rock my world!!

Taylor is sooo adorable I ALWAYS loved him, I never liked Isacc but he's ok now! And Zach, THANK GOD FOR HAIR CUTS!!

Zac looks good with his hair anyway I love him. I have since I was 2. He is soooooooooo HOT!

hell yea they're that hott! they weren't that hott before but now they've grown up and they're looking georgous!

I've been in love with Zac Hanson since i was 11 and he was 12. He's gorgeous. I have all their old videos an cds even tho im a grown woman now. I still love them tho. And the newest stuff is great! I love you Zac your the hottest!!!

Well...if I look at it one way, even if Zac wasn't so good looking, I would love him...talent such as his and theirs attracts me- and looks are just the icing. At least when Zac sings he doesnt whine...like Taylor. Ike has the best voice though- if only Ike and Zac could morph..and they came out as one person with Taylor's hands. Later

hanson are the best and Zac is the more nice !!!

sorry for my english but i'm french! lol

you're sick. you said you were like 30 and wanting them in bed with you?? thats discusting...you never will get them in there with you anyways.

zac fricken rox my sox!!!!!!!!!!he
is so fine!!!!!!!!!!

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