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Thursday, January 06, 2005 

Small Update

Graduation is all done, and that's a picture to prove it. I'm out of school forever, or until I get bored and decide to go back. Yeah Right! It was a pretty uneventful day overall. The guest list was short, the food was good, and the drink flowed freely. Only three people cane to my actual graduation. My bestest friend Kimberly, my Mommy dearest, and Bobby. My other close friend Nicki was supposed to be there but she got there just as I sat down, after walking across stage. I can’t say that I was surprised. I love her to death but she's gets distracted so easily. We joke about her getting ready and suddenly remembering she needs to paint the garage door or do some laundry, or knock out that wall between her room and the living room. After the fabled walk of nothingness, we came home and napped, it was cute. My mom passed out in our bed, Bobby and I were crashed on the couch and Kimbo was legs up in the recliner, with the food network blaring in the background. After the nap, we got dressed up and went to dinner, and then the liquor store. I don't drink really but since I am now a college grad. I figured it was time to have a few. I don't even remember what we had, and I felt like doo doo the next day. So yeah I'm a graduate with no use for my degree, with no direction, and without the faintest idea what to do next. Good times.

So Christmas my next adventure, and I do mean adventure/hell/alot of fun.
That's a picture form Virginia Beach, and two feet of snow fell shortly afterwards. I went with Bobby to see his parents for the holidays. This was the first time for us to meet and I was sorta excited. We left heading through Arkansas, but only made it to Malvern, Ark. We had to stop because of the weather. Ice is fun. We stayed at a hotel and planned to wake up and head out the next morning after the roads were cleared. Um yeah. Long story short the roads were shut down and we headed back to Texas. We went the southern route, still made good time and got to Va Beach by 5:30pm on Christmas Eve. met the entire family and all was well. We had to leave the day after Christmas because I had to work on Tues. That's what we woke up too, the view from the front door. I wanted to see snow, and I saw it all. White Christmas indeed. Texas got a shit load as well. I like it as long as I don't have to be anywhere.

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