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Wednesday, January 12, 2005 

My future as a Nova

Do you remember a lovely automobile called the Chevy Nova? I know it's a stretch but, think really hard. That's the one, a great muscle car in the 60's, turned family sedan in the 70's and then non-existent in the 80's. Funny story, this car was wildly successful in the USA, but once they started to export the vehicle to Mexico they stumbled across a problem, and the Chevy Nova was not selling at all. After tons of research and testing they finally figured out it was all in the name Nova or 'no va' translation= 'no go'. That's my career in the hospitality field I fear; everything looked great in the beginning but now that I'm starting to expand my view, my future es no va!!

Tonight at work, a customer was complaining about the service we offer, and the cleanliness of the facility and how it's crap. I almost laughed at him. Not good I know. I did ask him what was up, and how I could help fix the problem but when he spoke I was hearing "beeeeeeeeeppppp." Like that episode on kid's in the hall. He's just one person and we have thousands of regulars so I could really care less. This whole dressed up suit thing catering to people's needs is all BullShit. People like to complain, and find things wrong with everything. Edit...not all people but some people certainly make it a past time. Nothing was wrong with the service or the facility. He warned me that we have competition moving in that will put us out of business. I saw their web site, and we could fit 3 of them into our property, I almost laughed at that as well. I think that pushed me over the edge, and Hotel, Restaurant, and Club Management are just not in my heart. I just smiled and told him to fill out a comment card, since that’s the fastest way to get things communicated, and to have a great rest of the day, and then silently in my head I whispered “eat shit and die,” and then did a flip off dance in my head. I clocked out and went home, I really think my future is bright. My diploma is not even printed yet and I hate what I'm going to be doing, I hope I can easily be exported.

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