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Friday, January 14, 2005 

Pink Slips

I got written up apparently, at work I mean, and that's great. It happened tues. night after I had already left, and yeah so that's great. I didn't work last night so I came into it today with the whole place talking about it. I had no idea. The deal was the entire night shift got written up for not doing anything all day. I'm sorry but that's not in my vocabulary, not doing anything. No one has given me my little slip of pink paper saying "you've been written up." It's my first time, so they have to go easy on me. I pity the person who finally gives it to me. Really pity them. On Saturday if I come into no staff, like I have since I've been there, I'm walking out. That's the only thing I've asked for and if I don't get that, I'm walking and they can give me my second little pink paper. I pity that person as well. Enough about that.

So we have a new supervisor. I trained him, he's moved up some now and he's a big ol' queen. So we were talking about him tonight, and alot of the staff is uneasy with him because he's gay, and that makes them uncomfortable. This is all news to me. They have no idea about me, so maybe I can change their views if they ever find out the truth. I'm not there to do that, because I don't care how they feel about stuff, but it could be a nice side action.

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